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Study for the History of Naval Science and Technology

The Study for the History of Naval Science and Technology has been established at the Higher Technical School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (ETSIN), by agreement signed by the Rector of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and the Director of the Navy Museum of Madrid.

LogoThis Study incorporates the existing Classroom of Naval History and Ship Modelling at ETSIN, and will pursue its objectives through activities that will include:

  • To collaborate with researchers of the Navy Museum to characterize and catalog archive documents of technical content
  • To identify, investigate and disseminate the technology used in ships and navigation in History.
  • To build models for experimental study of technical solutions adopted in historical ships
  • To investigate the use of terms, expressions and images related to ships and navigation in Spanish and other languages in the Literature and the Arts, and in folklore
  • To create and maintain a Data Bank with information and references
  • To participate in conferences, seminars, courses and congresses, and to organize them
  • To contribute to the research of naval and nautical archaeologists
  • To give support and advise for the recovery and use of traditional techniques
  • To exchange experience and knowledge, and to cooperate with researchers and scholars in Spain and abroad.

Lamina sumergible

Through the Study for the History of Naval Science and Technology, the ETSIN will promote relationship with national and foreign organizations with whom it has worked and works in the field of the History of Naval Science and Technology, among them:

  • UPM Departments and Centers
  • Naval and Maritime Musei
  • Academy of History
  • Academy of Engineering
  • Academy of the Language
  • Universities, Institutes and Research Centers
  • Centers and Musei of Nautical Archaeology
  • Traditional shipwrightry
  • State, regional and local Agencies
  • Companies, foundations and individuals.

The Study for the History of Naval Science and Technology has set sail under the command of doctor NA&ME Francisco Fernández-González, retired Professor of ETSIN-UPM, corresponding with Carmen Zamarrón Moreno, responsible for Historical Shipbuilding at Museo Naval de Madrid.

Madrid, January 2010