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Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros

Naval Architect and Marine Oceanic Engineer

General information
  • Students may qualify as Naval Architect and Marine Oceanic Engineer.
  • Length of course: 5 years
  • Equivalent European Credits: 300 EC (equivalent to 400 old credits)
  • The design and construction of ships for civilian and military use, and the operation and use of the former.
  • Responding to demands from the leisure industry for marinas and floating tourist complexes.
  • The design and construction of industrial complexes and surface and submarine craft.
  • Underwater mining.
  • Underwater systems for distribution, processing and communications.
  • Underwater robots.
  • Marine fishing and fish farming.
  • Coastal engineering.
  • Use of wind power, wave power, currents and thermal gradients for energy production.
  • Desalination plants and the production of drinking water from sea water.
  • Floating energy production plants.

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